Webflow Design App Crashing when right-clicking

I’m having a problem when using the designer. The entire browser window turns grey out of the blue. Today is the first time this has happened. If I remember correctly, it seems to be consistent when right-clicking on text boxes that contain at least one span. It has only happened about 3 times now.

Hi @scottiejhaines

Thanks for the heads up. I’m submitting a bug report to our engineers that might be a similar issue. I’d like to add your findings to the report.

​Can you please try the following:
(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95464?hl=en
(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/console

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I am experiencing the same issue and have been for a couple days. Right click- whole page goes grey and I have to reload the page. Lose anything that wasn’t saved.

I tried it with using incognito and the issue didn’t occur. Went back in to normal mode and the issue seem to have cleared.

It then happened again a few minutes later.

I can confirm. Happened to me as well on Chrome for Mac. Only right-clicking within the designer window does it. Doesn’t happen every time and I don’t right-click in the designer often enough to have recognized a pattern.

Hard to be sure but it may have started right around the last update when you changed the UI graphics/icons. Oddly that update seems to have disappeared?

Confirmed here also , was happening yesterday and just crashed again for me

Gray screen when right clicking

Chrome on Mac

thanks everyone for your reports. Our team is looking into this now. thank you for your patience

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Missed opportunity to remix the term: GSoD (Grey Screen of Death) :smirk:

Thank you, @PixelGeek and team for being on top of this!


Hi everyone :wave: We are still investigating this issue. Thank you for your patience. If you can, can you tell me if this is happening on all of your pages or just one?

Also, any screenshots of console errors would really help this along.

All pages

thanks for the screenshot. :slight_smile: I’ll add this to the report

I’m experiencing the same grey screen issue when right clicking on elements.

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Great news! :slight_smile: A fix has been submitted to our QA team. I’ll keep you all posted when I hear more updates.

Thanks for your patience.

The fix has been approved and will be deployed within 30 minutes. :ship:

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Hi everyone! :slight_smile: The fix should be live now. Can you please let us know if this issue is still occurring or not?

What we learned is that if you copy an element and quickly paste it multiple times, then right-click, the bug would occur. Our patch fixes that.

I also have had this problem. It is very inconsistent, but always when right clicking in designer.

Is the problem still happening? We’ve already pushed a fix for it.

Sorry for late reply, I just was able to test it again and I have had no more issues with it.
Thanks for the fix, it was quite aggravating!

He Nelson,
I just had this happen 3 times in a row when right clicking on a text block to duplicate it. Make that 4 times, I just tried again. And again. Its funny that the other text box in the same hero section will allow me to duplicate it, but the first one makes the screen go gray and I have to restart webflow.
It had not done this for the last week or so, but now it’s doing it again.