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Designer crashing and very slow

In the last few days, this project is crashing the Designer. I have opened up other projects which don’t get ‘Oh snap… :frowning:

Best Rob.

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Hi @robsawkins,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Can you please try the following:

(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:

(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console:

You can send me the console screenshot via DM or contact us here:

Hi Nita,

Thank you for getting back so quickly.

Tried Chrome incognito, problem persisted and also in other browsers (Safari, Brave).

Browser keeps running out of memory so something is amiss. Attached is the console. Does that help debug?

Kind regards, Rob.

On another machine (just in case)…

Try closing all your open browser tabs, and load the browser without all your extensions. Or download Chrome Canary and use that for just webflow. There is not an endless supply of resources on your computer YO.

Looks like a bunch of remote data loaded via Iframes, or is all that data just placeholders in the design?

I have 48 gigs on mine and I still need to pay attention.

Hi Jeff,

Trying out Canary to see if that helps. So far, so good. So thanks for the tip :wink:

I’ve had maybe 20+ tabs open In Chrome with this project running quick fast until last week. Then ‘oh snap…’ started appearing. I removed every extension I could (reinstalled Chrome) but still same result. But maybe Canary will save my ass :wink:

Best, Rob.

‘…so far, so good…’ Well that was the kiss of death. Crash bang wallop :frowning:

Crashing every 20 minutes or so.


So start eliminating causes. Close down chrome and only use Canary on webflow. Shut down other apps running. That means you have no extensions and only one site. If that works you will need then slowly add other running processes to determine the culprit. The task manager (win) / activity monitor (mac) is your friend.

I am also making the assumption that you have low network latency to webflow (a good connection).

Look at free memory. You probably don’t have any when your on full load. Swapping to disk cache can create lots of problems with browser apps.

I have not once had the issue you are, and trust me when I say I am running lots of stuff. But then again, I have a smokin fast workstation and laptops that have at least +16GB RAM and SSD storage for swap/cache speed. I am also cognisant of apps that are hogs and use them and then kill them off as needed.

If your at a firm, get an IT engineer to take a look. If your not, then consider hiring one. I have one on staff > me.

These days fast loaded workstations are CHEAP compared to talent.

This is not rocket science :slight_smile: I have very strong laptop and fast internet. But this week evrey 20-30 minutes the designer start to be very slow - than i: "go to dashboard ==> go back to my project " (Must of the times this weird trick fix my problem (So i am not sure this is plugins/open tabs or ram issue).


Well not for a user. But …

40 minute snapshot of memory utilization shows starting at 105/125 mb for the JavaScript VM (webflow) then to 462/604 MB. This was on a clean instance of Chrome Developer , one tab only. Total 1,745 MB memory used for Chrome on this instance. Basic use. No uploads. Just CSS edits.

@webflow - so there looks to be a potential issue with memory utilization of the webflow JS VM.

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Great detials!

I am almost sure there is some interval bug (Every 20-30 minutes). Now again I get the message “Aw, Snap!” - Now i have project for 5-6 hours = nightmare (10-12 times of crashing).

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Same symptoms exactly for me.

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Hi @robsawkins,

Thanks for the screenshoots. It is really helpful for us to troubleshoot on our end.

I have shared the issue with the team and we’re currently investigating - as soon as I have more details, I’ll update this thread.

@Siton_Systems, @johnsherwin - Can you please post your site(s) Read-Only links, so tat we can add those to the report? Trying to gate as much info as possible, so that we can have more details upon this issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Been experiencing all the above for the last 7-10 days. Very very slow, even when doing light work like adding and styling divs.

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Another crash, this time no warning in the console. Just ‘Oh snap…’

The newest is build 16257 but the project I’m working on is targeting build 14393. Quite often the designer hangs or crashes

Thank you
mindz production

I also want to mention that this is a fairly new issue. We use webflow for 1 year, and the crashes started happening just a few month ago.

Can confirm, after (I guess?) grid update the crashes got even worse on larger projects especially.

Hi everyone — just another quick update.

The team was able to isolate the issue and we’re super close to deploying a fix. We are currently going through some rounds of QA to make sure all is good, but we should be able to deploy soon.

Thanks for your patience so far! :bowing_man:

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