Images broken on published site

Same here! I have built a fairly large site with lots of small and big pictures. In some places they are missing. Republishing does not help! It also feel`s a bit random…This is driving me crazy…Right click on only some random images in the designer causing “the grey screen of death”… Happening on both Safari and Chrome on Mac…


Thanks for sharing that issue. The image issue sounds like it’s related to something different though. It could be that you have SSL enabled but your images are still being served over non-ssl. You can go to the hosting tab in your project settings, and under Advanced Publishing Options, make sure that “Publish Images Using SSL CDN” is enabled. Then republish.

If that doesn’t fix the images issue - can you please send a message to our Support team?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! That did not work… Actually, I have to manually replace the right image form the assets library, then publish. Using the debugger tool in Safari to locate the images that is not loading.

Well! Take a look at the picture. In Safari there is no errors, and in Chrome there is 20. I think this error only dates back only a few days…!

Thanks for posting those screenshots – can you please share a link to your site?

Hi @torkjell

I did some testing on this end and it looks like the images in the Designer and on the live site in Safari are also having issues:


I’ve reported this issue to the team and we will look into why this happened. When you added these images, did you drag them directly onto the canvas? Or did you upload them to the Asset manager first?

For now, you may need to manually relink these images and republish to fix the live site.

Well. I did actually copy them from another project. Two days ago I deleted the old projects, and I think the problems started after that… In Chrome everything seems fine in the designer.

But not in Safari in the designer…as you pointed out…

Guess I then have to “reimage” in Safari… Thanks…

Hi @torkjell

Thanks for the update.

I did actually copy them from another project. Two days ago I deleted the old projects

I think this may be why the images unlinked. Their original source for the images was deleted so they were unlinked as well.

Were these copied from another Webflow project? I just tested the following steps on my end but the images didn’t unlink:

  1. Create new project (A)
  2. Upload image
  3. Copy image from new project; paste in another project (B)
  4. Publish project B and delete the project A
  5. Check project B - all images still in tact

If you copied this image over from another application though, the images definitely may have unlinked.

Once the images are re-linked you shouldn’t experience this issue again.

Yes, they were copied from other Webflow projects. Good that not all of the images were not broken, then, and that the unlinked ones actually sits in assets library in the new project…

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