Webflow debit card payments in Europe?

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I’ve heard a few noises here and there about European consumers not being able to use Debit cards to pay for good on a Webflow ecommerce store? I was hoping someone can clarify the exact situation?


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@Alcon no, at the moment, the only payments accepted on webflow ecommerce are creditcards (visa), apple pay and paypal. There are several requests but I personally don’t think we’ll see other payments soon. Each EU payment individually has a very small userbase compared to international options like credit cards.
You can use another shopping cart and connect that to webflow. Either through the CMS or even with ecommerce if you use @foxy. In case foxy has managed to get their VAT set-up sorted that is :wink:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the reply.

Is this even the case if I use Stripe as a payment gateway? Their UK site seems to mention accepting debit card payments?

@Alcon yes, this confused me at first as well. Stripe itself allows for debit cards and all the EU payments. When software companies like webflow use Stripe for their payment processing, they don’t always get access to or want to use all features. So for whatever reason, within webflow, Stripe only processes credit cards. I came across this issue with several shopping cart providers. There are very few options for shopping carts that accept EU payments, especially when you’ve got to adhere to the VAT display rules. IE. VAT is charged and the total price is displayed to the customer in the cart, it’s not added afterwards.

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This is mental! Is this a Stripe decision or Webflow decision?


Hi @Alcon.
I think I commented on another thread of yours, but feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance.


@Alcon I can’t speak on webflow’s behalf :wink: . I just volunteer for ego boosts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Sarah,

The plot thickens. I emailed Webflow support and they confirmed that it is possible to use Webflow > Stripe and have debit card payments processed. They referenced the content in this link

Unless I’m missing something very specific, then the seems possible!? :thinking:

@Alcon you got be intrigued for a moment! While this sounds like people could pay with EU debit cards, the link says

Credit or debit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB) through Stripe and PayPal

Those aren’t debit cards used on mainland Europe. I do know there are some visa issued debit cards used in the UK. Anything mainland is always Maestro.

So I suppose support was right on the ability to process debit cards but not ones used in Europe.

Hey all,

Just passing by in case anyone still has an issue with European payments and webflow. I encountered the same problem than you at first, thus why I found this thread in the first place.

In the meantime with some research I managed to find a solution that worked with pretty any european methods like Bancontact, KBC/CBC, IDeal, SOFORT, Klarna, Giropay, Przelewy24 and more + credit cards + paypal + even fancier things like Apple pay, while staying on Webflow.

My system was the following :

  • Webflow regular CMS plan (you don’t even need the expensive ecommerce option)

  • Snipcart for cart, orders, taxes, shipping and inventory management.

  • Mollie as payment gateway, which is one of the ready-to-use integrated gateway options offered by Snipcart, and offering all the options mentioned above at once.

How to do it?

  • Create yourself a regular website.

  • Add Snipcart to your website.
    It was ULTRA simple to install, just about 3 lines of codes to include a CDN in the custom code section of Webflow, and wham bam done! You get yourself a ecommerce solution added to your normal site in seconds, which has all European payment methods you need. Just start adding all your products to buy in Webflow in a regular and see how they get linked to Snipcart this way (thanks a million @Pixelgeek if you see this, for the awesome explanation!)

  • Activate Mollie, just follow the super simple registering process.

  • Done.

  • Profit (literally!)

Hope this helps someone in the future! What a found was so nice and simple (Thanks a million Snipcart!) that I felt the need to share my solution. Enjoy!


I actually just signed up for an forums account to just say THANK YOU! What an awesome hint. Profit!

I mean those are the most popular payment systems so it is quite understandable that Stripe has them. As far as I understood from your discussion is that EU has other than Visa and MasterCard (most popular ones!) payment systems — quite surprising to me because I thought MasterCard is the most popular there. At the same time, I’m surprised that Stripe does not have Maestro in it (according to your reply).

What is not surprising is that Stripe does not have all possible payment systems in it — I think it is almost impossible to add all of them. So the issue here is to make Webflow add more payment processors other than Stripe (that is the only one as far as I know, even PayPal does not work but I might be wrong about it).

To be honest, personally, what I really want is Stripe supporting Russian users and allowing people from Russia and CIS to use Stripe as merchants not just buyers. It really sucks that I cannot use Webflow’s E-commerce in Russia because Stripe has no support for my country right now. I mean it is possible to create e-commerce websites in Webflow for Russian users but it is not a native feature.

I’ve heard @foxy is quite good though, again, it seems that it does not have many options for folks from CIS countries.

P.S: Sorry for my small rant here about Stripe not supporting CIS and Russia specifically :sweat_smile:

Pleasure @johannes-vk ! Any more questions on how to set this up, I’d be happy to help!

@GeorgyDesign indeed, let’s hope Webflow adds more payments gateways others than Stripe to make it more globally useable! And also for some parts of Europe, that they let us use the full services of Stripe within their native integration, because even if Stripe has recently allowed use of Bancontact for example, it’s not possible within the present Webflow integration… In any case, I share your struggle!

Btw, what is also great though in the solution I gave with Snipcart, other than the EU payment gateway problem Webflow ecommerce has, is that there’s so much more options regarding inventory management, emailing, taxes management, shipping, and it’s all very customisable. Definitely recommend, it’s way better than Webflow ecommerce in this way too, for now at least.

Let’s hope they hear us out and improve! :slight_smile:

@NicoLono I am setting it up tonight. I can already say that the checkout seems a bit harder to style. I guess it can not be done within webflow. So it needs a little bit of real frontend coding expertise - as far as I understood for now. I will share my experience in the next days. (:

Visa debit cards have actually become a feature in mainland Europe recently so that’s new. Maestro is supported by Stripe but not webflow ecommerce. Although is is a very old post so I would have to take a look at what the current situation is. Stripe does allow most payment options (even local ones like Bancontact in Belgium) but not all of them are available in webflow’s system. Have you considered PlugnPaid? It’s a company I have plugged quite a few times on here but they have more Europe-friendly payment options that don’t all need a stripe account.

Never heard of it, so it’s worth giving a try! I’ve yet to create an e-commerce website.

As for Stripe, well, I was talking mainly from a perspective of a person with Russian citizenship — it’s possible to pay for stuff via Stripe but not sell your services/products/etc because it’s impossible to create a seller account for Russian citizens. I didn’t know that people in the EU had these issues with Stripe, hence my addition to this post.

Anyway, Stripe is an amazing tool and it’s evolving constantly (as far as I know lol) so I really hope they will add more countries in the future.

Again, thanks a ton for PlugnPaid — I didn’t know about it. Do you have a tutorial how to add it to Webflow? Would be really glad if you can share a documentation or an actual video guide.

Hi Nicolono,

Thank goodness for your answer! I’ll try it out as soon as possible!
I do have one question. Does this still work with the printful integration in webflow?
Right now the customers place the order and printful produces and shippes the products to the client. Does this process still work with snipcart?