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Webflow css vs bootstrap 3

Hi all,
I have created a webflow html, css, and I am trying to convert it to bootstrap 3. Though I am not so sure If I should do this work, so I was wondering if anybody has experienced doing something similar, and what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using webflow css instead of bootstrap 3, in a solution.

For instance I was thinking manage animation with webflow, but other stuff like closing and opening boxes with javascript.

Is webflow is scalable enough?.. what disadvantages do you think I might have to deal with it if I use only webflow?.

Hi @Ellajohn,

if you use Webflow then there is really no need for using Bootstrap. All you could do with Bootstrap you could also do with webflow, but much faster.

Why you would do animations with Webflow, but other stuff with Javascript. With the new IX 2.0 its easier than ever.

Webflow is very scalable! Disadvantages are if you need multi language you need a little workaround. I don´t come up with great other things.

I see no reason to convert Webflow to Bootstrap.

You´re not locked. You can export the code and host somewhere else, but why you would do this. Webflow servers are super fast, have ssl certificate and webflow is a very time efficient way to create stunning websites.

For me if you make websites there is no reason to use bootstrap over webflow, even if you´re export the code and host somewhere else. Also only reason to host somewhere else is money.

In my opinion its great for building an web app, because you build all your UI and UX, then you export and you or a dev implements the functional code behind it. And building UI and UX in Webflow is a huge timesaver.

Yes you are. Unless you perform the conversion process as the OP wishes… then you will still have core Webflow JS within your site. Which also means - you have around twice the JS code needed.

Yes they are. They are very fast. My dedicated servers are even faster. And more importantly - I control them. I can move them anywhere I want.

Yes. Webflow does include SSL.
You can SSL Certs for free now-aways. I actually pay for the premium SSL’s.

Yes it is. I was hand-coding for 40 some-odd years before I came across Webflow.
And Webflow has cut my design time down considerably.
It is a very useful tool that I use a on a daily basis.

Especially if you know how to hand-code.

But it’s kind of like the Linux Command Line (which I am also a Linux Admin).
Learning a GUI will never teach you how to do something manually.

Learning something like Bootstrap - will make understand - how and what Webflow does easier to understand.

absolutely. But any good Designer can create stunning websites… using any tool.

It’s not Webflow that create stunning websites.

It’s the Designer who creates stunning websites
and uses tool such as Webflow - or Photoshop - or Macaw - or (insert the latest and greatest tool her)…

Webflow is simply the paintbrush. It is not the end-all.

And you can replace paintbrushes.

Not true. Security. Speed. Not being locked in… and finally - cost… which is the least important thing to consider when it comes to any website.

If you said - proto-typing a web app… I would totally agree with you.

I think it’s just our varying definitions of building versus proto-typing.

Correct, but for this case I would directly start with Bootstrap, because thats way more time efficient.

Not bad, but you also have to manage them and be sure that they´re running.

Thats nice.

Ok, but if so then please don´t say something learning like Bootstrap, because its a library that make changes like webflow, which could crush your code. Instead you should say learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and so on.

Thats true, but any good Designer uses the best and efficient tool to get the target and at the moment webflow is for web design what photoshop is for image editing software, out of concurrence.

Webflow is very secure. Webflow is super fast. Webflow doesn´t lock you. For example I implemented without any problems multiple external script libraries into Webflow pages.

Thats the point, if you really want a tool where you could create a complete app, then you simply have to code.

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