Webflow vs coding from scratch

I working on transitioning into doing web development. I’ve been learning CSS and HTML and have also been dabbling with Webflow. I understand there are designers who are not adept at CSS and HTML who use webflow, but my question is directed towards those who can create a page from scratch without using Webflow. Do you find that Webflow makes it easier and faster to make Websites?

Hi Vernon,

I can create websites from scratch with HTML and CSS, and it is definitely faster and easier to design and create with Webflow. It speeds up my production time immensely.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Teresa - Pixel Panda

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Definitely. I’m an experienced web developer, and even this complicated website would have taken more than double the time (at least 3 months) if I had hand-coded it

The savings in time alone is worth the professional plan. It’s a no-brainer decision.

Plus, the exported code is clean and good for use with external integration,
here http://ss.fixxstaging.com ← Launching soon!


I also have the skills to do by hand but it messes with my creativity. Find the right place in the css, change the padding a few pixels, over to site to see how it looks, not happy, over to the css doc again, change it again… and do it all over for the other media queries pjuh. I want to try the design out in the browser and the devices I have to see how they look and feel. When I do it with Sketch its not the same.
Now days I even have problems doing designs in Sketch. Because Sketch doesn’t work as html and css does. It’s way faster in Webflow for me. Sometimes I start in Sketch just to try my basic idea out but then I open Webflow right away.

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