Sending Project Proposals Made in Webflow

Has anyone ever sent a responsively designed proposal made in Webflow to a web design client? Is there any drawbacks to this type of thing? I feel as though potential clients may really appreciate the interactive nature of it. Webflow also makes this type of thing super easy.

In my opinion… (with the business owners I dealt with…)

  • most people don’t care / don’t know about the differences between Bootstrap and Webflow (or any other responsive library).

On a side Note: You can do everything in Bootstrap that you can do in Webflow... plus more.

The main selling point (to your client) should be design, responsiveness, speed of product delivery and the after-sale support aspect you provide to your client. As far as your client knows or cares… Webflow has no role in this. (Of course - some people do know about Webflow - and that may be their focus… I’m referring to the vast amount of clients.)

The benefits of Webflow are primarily for “you”… the Designer. Not the client.

You should sell yourself and “you” being the benefit.

(in general)

  • You (without the client knowing you are using Webflow)
    ---- can deliver a product faster due to the ‘visual aspect’ of the Webflow design process.
    ---- if you are a traditional designer… you manually create your designs. “Manually” designing a website (without Webflow) takes considerably longer and allows for more points of failure.

The first “big change” in my 40+ years of Application Developing / Design process was “Object Orientation”. The 2nd… was Webflow. This is why I absolutely love Webflow. And why I - without question - pay for a Team Plan… and back this product 100%. Nothing in my development history has allowed me to make such a dramatic change in my course.

Even though I love this product… it’s not the product that creates the website. It’s You.

Yes, Webflow makes changes / updates faster… again due to the visual aspect of the product.

But again - In my opinion… Webflow provides no benefit to “your” client… and it shouldn’t.

You should be the benefit. And because of this - they (your client) doesn’t really need to know (nor do many care) about Webflow.

From lessons learned - Business Owners care about their business first. Then basically everything related to their business - such as their website. That’s where you come in.

So… Sell Yourself. Not Webflow. If you sell the hammer as the solution. The hammer is the fix. Not the carpenter.

So… Webflow benefits you. You benefit your client. You are Webflows client.

So to answer your answer - in my opinion... it doesn't make a difference showing a client a website made using Webflow... unless you are specifically comparing it to a website not-made-using-Webflow.

And on a side note:
If they (your client) knew about Webflow… they might not need you. Because you gotta admit - Webflow is pretty darn easy to use.

So do you really want your clients knowing about Webflow ? That’s your choice. It’s really depends on what you are selling.

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Yes:-) We use the Webflow CMS to create proposals. Response has been very good. Clients told us that it felt very professional and forward-thinking :slight_smile: Plus sending proposals over Webflow has the added benefit of being able to track and monitor performance of your proposals (What page are they looking, how long etc.)

If you’re interested I could show you a demo. Just send me a PM:)

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