Webflow CMS limit of 2000 items reached with just 94 items?

Hi All,
i’ve contacted webflow support and sales team but no answer yet. Maybe someone here knows the answer.

I work for a small uk company and I’m redesigning and developing one of our website in webflow (a news website originally made in wordpress).

I’ve exported the csv from WP, but when importing it in Webflow it hits me with:

“You have reached the limit of Collection items on the CMS site plan. Upgrade your site plan to import more items.”

On this website we already have the cms plan (2000 items) and currently the total number of items (divided in 6 collections) is 94, which should allow me to have additional 1906 items, correct?

Does anyone knows why? i have to import more than 950 items and more article/post will be added in the future. How is it possible that has already reached the limit?

Thank you to anyone that will answer.

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Hi Biniam, check your CSV and see if it’s structured correctly.
My first guess is that it isn’t and that it is being interpreted incorrectly as > 2000 rows of data.

The message Webflow gives is a bit confusing, but when it says too many items, it’s referring to how many it think you’d have after the CSV is loaded, not before.

That’s interesting,
I’ve honestly didn’t thought about that.

I will check. Thank you!

IT WORKED @memetican !!

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Ha fantastic, you can mark that answer above as the solution, so others can find it too.

Marked your reply as solution.