CSV upload to starter plan site

Hello All,
I have a starter plan website on my dashboard and I want to upload a csv file to my CMS collection in the project. However in the plan setting starter plan allows 50 CMS items, i can’t import a csv file. It shows an error something like “you reached the limit of starter plan etc.”. First i’ve tried 20 rows in the csv then i tried 10 rows then 5 but all of them shows same error. Is there any limitations to upload CSV? I remember 1 month ago i could upload 20 rows CSV but now i have an error. Why?

Thank you for all response.

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IMPORTANT-- I even upgrade my plan site with CMS plan but still when i try to upload a csv shows me same error!

it is possible that your have format issues with your CSV. I would take that file and validate it with an online checker and if there are issues correct them then attempt another upload.

Hi Jeff, thank you for response. I flagged this topic as off-topic. Because the problem was on my CSV. No problem with Webflow thank you.