Webflow CMS Item (LIVE)


I’m encountering a small issue with the Webflow API v2 BETA. I’m using Make (formerly Integromat) to create a live CMS Item. Everything works smoothly until I encounter a Reference field. In my collection list, there’s a reference field, but when I input the ID of the referenced item into the field, I receive the following error:

[400] Validation Error: kunde: Field not described in schema: undefined

The documentation doesn’t mention anything about a reference field.

Here’s my CMS where I’m creating the new live item:

And here’s the CMS I’m referencing:

Could anyone help me with writing the JSON code correctly so that Webflow can interpret it properly?

My current JSON Code:

“isArchived”: false,
“isDraft”: false,
“fieldData”: {
“name”: “NAME”,
“status”: “In Bearbeitung”,
“auftragsnummer”: “123456”,
“aufwand”: “1-2”,
“datum”: “2024-05-07”,
“kunde”: “ID”

The read only Link: Webflow - IVE Design-Flatrate

Hi @Fabian_Colnaric1 - we have a few details here around how to format the type of the ItemRef:

Nothing looks wrong with your POST payload for creating a live item (assuming the ID for kunde is a valid Item ID), but when you call the GET Collection Details API, do you see the Kunde field you’re having trouble setting? Also are you able to create an item manually in your CMS?