Referenced item not found

I am using API to send data to one of my collections. Everything’s fine for 6 months, but today I have received “Referenced item not found” error.
As I can see, there is a part in payload 'category': '64d8f517e5135a6a82bed432'.
It references to other collection and when I get a list from that referenced collection, item and id is there:

            "_cid": "64d8f517e5135a6a82bed3cb",
            "_id": "64d8f517e5135a6a82bed432",
            "_archived": false,
            "_draft": false,
            "name": "Finance & Operations",

Can you help me what changed or why I received it?

P.S. API v.1 in use

There appears to have been changes made to the api causing issues with multi-reference fields showing as not valid or not present in both v1 and v2 of the API. Several people are reporting the issue in the last week. This is serious and I’m having the same problem. Webflow better get this sorted out quickly! Very frustrating!

This error started occurring on us a few days ago. We find that it only occurs when both of these conditions are satisfied

  1. ‘publishStatus’: ‘live’
  2. a reference field is being updated.

We tried a work around where we sent two APIs. First we update the reference field first, then we send another api to change publish status to Live.

This does not return the item not found error. The second API does not return error, but the CMS item is not actually published, and thus does not show up on the web.

Even when editing the CMS item manually through the UI there is a bug. You cannot edit a CMS item and then click save and publish. You need to save first, and the publish the whole site for item to show.

can you please reference the thread where other people are having this problem

+1 We have also encountered this issue and has broken an integration for us that our 3,000 members rely on. Hopefully Webflow sort quickly.

Hey all :wave:

Thank you for your reports!

We’ve identified the issue and are actively work to get it resolved :man_bowing:t2:


Any Update to this @roach ?

This should be resolved now - let us know if you run into it again :man_bowing:t2:


Hi @roach - Im still having this problem. Can you advise if its ongoing? Thankyou


“message”: “Validation Error”,
“code”: “validation_error”,
“externalReference”: null,
“details”: [
“param”: “product-option-2-value-5”,
“description”: “Referenced item not found: ‘65416f7bbe3b1315aedd6c3b’”

Here is the original code

curl --request PATCH
–header ‘accept: application/json’
–header ‘authorization: Bearer x’
–header ‘content-type: application/json’
–data ’
“isArchived”: false,
“isDraft”: false,
“fieldData”: {
“product-option-2-value-5”: “654235af37c73522af2180f4”

Hi @FreddyFordo, maybe you should edit your post and remove your Bearer key :wink:

And as I can see, there are different ids for item (‘65416f7bbe3b1315aedd6c3b’ in the first post and ‘654235af37c73522af2180f4’ in the second).

Whoops! Thankyou @martina

Yeah, I test on 2 different Item IDs to see if that was the issue @martina

Hi @roach,
We have the same issue reported here for our website. API calls previously working fine, now we see this issue. Please let me know if there are details I can provide to try and get this resolved.
We are also using API v1.
Thank you


I am having this problem right now (21.03.24). I believe since Make’s webflow modules were updated.

Here is the error message :


[400] Validation Error sector-3: Referenced item not found: ‘65d32348b5337148e3cfc749’ jobtypes-2: Referenced item not found: ‘65d32348b5337148e3cfc73f’ location-3: Referenced item not found: ‘65d32348b5337148e3cfc6e7’ global-locations: Referenced item not found: [ ‘65d32348b5337148e3cfc740’ ]



I have double-checked the references of each item and everything seems to be in order…

any ideas on why make can’t find these items on the webflow side ?

update : Seems like the make module is looking into the wrong collections…