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Zapier to Update Live item with an Multi Reference Field | Error Validation Failure


I already watched some good tutorials from @rileyrichter and @MackenzieChild , but in my case their solutions didn´t work.

So here is my case.

I would like to update a CMS live item with an array into a multi reference field. I read it should be possible with [ … ] brackets und " … " around the ID.

So I did that with the normal Action in Zapier by Webflow and with a Custom Request.

Both didn´t work for me.

Here is a screenshot of what my custom request look like. I tried the Method PUT, POST and PATCH but with all I get the error.

I also tried this in Integromat and there I get the same error.

Hope you guys have an idea what I can try next


Oh I got the solution

I was taking to Kevin Guebert on twitter. He wrote an article about that topic so I tought he could probalby help me. Here is the article:

He gave me the following tipp: “So my first thought would be something that we think is happening by default but isn’t. There are some small gotchas that happen with API requests - in object/collection item, what are your required fields? is it only name?”

So I double checked that.

In webflow it’s not only name as an required field … it`s “slug” also.

In my case I tried to fill in slug a field from airtable before but at that try there was a difference between the airtable-slug and the webflow-slug.

So I changed that and it works now.

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