Airtable to Webflow using Make (Error [400] ValidationError: Validation Failure Expected value to be an ItemRef: webflow-cloneables)

I think we need more details than this to help you. Could you walk us through that a bit more?

A knee jerk reaction is that I see “ItemRef” so check those reference fields in your CMS.

There are total 2 databases used in this integration.

  1. Webflow Cloneable Database
  2. Webflow Creator Database
  3. Router
  4. Get List of all webflow cloneable database
  5. Get list of all webflow creator database
  6. Router
  7. Create webflow creator record in creator database in webflow
  8. Update webflow creator record in webflow creator database in webflow

I am getting another error.

I’m having a similar issue: I want to sync my Airtable with my Webflow CMS. I used the field Creation Date as trigger in Airtable and selected the action ‘create an item’ in Webflow to create a new collection item. This collection has however references to other collections and I get the following error when running Make:
The operation failed with an error. [400] ValidationError: Validation Failure Expected value to be an ItemRef: coach-2
How do these fields need to be handled with Make?

Hi @JanL,

Have you tried the solutions outlined here yet?

I also have a screencast that talks about it with Zapier that may help:

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Are Webflow Cloneable Database and Webflow Creator Database both collections in the same Webflow site? Or are they two separate sites?

If the former, you want to use a tool like Whalesync to sync Airtable and Webflow. That way you don’t have to handle the references yourself (since Whalesync handles reference fields out of the box).

Thank‘s Chris,
This looks promising (although I did not get it to run yet, due to some errors in the body)!