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Giving client access to the Editor

I’m a bit embarrassed, but even after going through the WF University and their videos I’m still a bit confused about the below.

1. Giving the client access to the content/CMS Editor, while the site is still at (and not yet officially available to the public under
How do the following methods differ in terms of what the client sees and can do, and for which method does the client need a password?
A) Sending the client to
B) Inviting them as Collaborators via the Editor in the Project Settings
C) Inviting them as Collaborators via the Share Project tab in the Designer?

In which of the above methods do they see a prompt to log in with a password? If so, where does that password, where do the credentials com from? I don’t remember setting a password for just the Editor or Collaborator.

For now I don’t want them to know my overall project log in credentials and I don’t want them to see and go into the Designer or the Project Settings areas.

2. Publishing and pointing the site to the final domain/URL, away from to
The client owns their domain and I want them to host away from their current GoDaddy account and host with Webflow.
A) What’s the best way for me to go about this?
B) At which stage is the right time to do that?
C) What does change for me, from the Designer side of things? Do I still work in And is there any change in access for the client to Designer and Projects Settings?
D) How do I get rid of all the WF branding on the site?

It’s an Ecommerce site (incl. a blog).

Anything else I need to consider?
I signed the client up for an Ecommerce Standard Hosting plan.
I’m on the Lite account plan and added a team plan.

Thank you for reading and clarifying!

Hi @Rapha,

1. Giving the client access to the content/CMS Editor

You can give the client access to the content Editor by inviting them as Collaborators from the Editor or the Designer (both A and B. B will take you to the Editor).

Once you invite them, they will receive an email asking them to create a Collaborator’s account. That’s when they will create their password.

Then, every time they need to access the Editor, they will go to (A) and use the credentials they created.

With these credentials, the client will be able to access the Editor and make changes to the content. They will not have access to the Designer.

The only way they can see the project in the Designer and without needing a password is when you share with them a read-only link.

2. Publishing and pointing the site to the final domain

A) The client will need to keep the domain at GoDaddy and only need to point the domain to Webflow. You’ll send them the instructions that we have listed on Webflow University.

B) Since you’ve added the hosting, you can add the domain whenever you want. You don’t need to publish to the custom domain. You can choose which domain to publish to any time you click publish. I recommend you add the domain before the launch date of the site, so you have time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and you’re not left facing them last minute.

C) Nothing changes for you. You’ll still work in the Designer at the same address. And nothing changes for the client either. They can at that time access the editor by visiting

D) To remove the Webflow branding from the published site, see Webflow branding. Note that Editor branding is not supported for Ecommerce sites.

As for the plans you’ve purchased:

  • The Ecommerce Standard Hosting plan is what you need to host the site.
  • You’ll only need the Lite account plan if you need to create more than 10 projects or to transfer non-hosted projects to others.
  • You only need a team plan if you need more designers to work on your projects.

I hope this answers all your questions and clarifies all your concerns.

My best,

Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for your quick response and the detailed answer to all my questions!
I believe customer support like yours is (and will continue to be) a big part of Webflows success.
Together with Webflows University and other educational tools and a well connected and involved community it’s perfect for people like me.
I feel much more confident now explaining it and handing it over to the client, and approaching the final steps before the site goes live.

Thank you!

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