Webflow Bugs Page (Improvement Suggestion) 🪲

I often encounter bugs in Webflow that, after extensive initial debugging, turn out to be issues with the Designer/CMS itself. For example, there was a recent issue with canonical tags (Canonical Tag Bug).

It typically takes a few days for Webflow support to acknowledge these bugs and then a few days more to fix them. A dedicated page on the Webflow website listing current bugs with their status would significantly save time for me and likely for other users too.

I absolutely agree.

Webflow’s Designer is so buggy now. As soon as I find a better alternative to Webflow, I’m gone

A few years ago, I developed a bug tracker aiming to enhance the efficiency of our community leaders in the forums. My vision was to create a tool that would streamline the process of identifying and addressing issues. However, I soon realized that the system required an impractical amount of effort to be effective. This experience highlighted the need for a more accessible, public bug tracking system.

In the past, we had a dedicated forum category titled ‘Bugs’ which served as a centralized place for reporting and discussing these issues. Unfortunately, this category was removed by the Webflow team without prior notification, leaving a gap in our community’s ability to communicate and resolve problems efficiently.

One of the persistent challenges we face is the lack of transparency regarding updates to Webflow. Often, we are only made aware of changes when a new feature is announced, or, more disruptively, when something breaks. This lack of communication is evident in the forums, where breaking changes frequently impact our community members.

Given these ongoing challenges, I have personally decided to step back from debugging Webflow issues. This decision wasn’t easy, but it stems from a recognition of the significant time and effort involved, which I believe could be better allocated to other community-supportive activities.

I want to emphasize that this feedback is not meant to undermine the value of Webflow. It’s a powerful tool that has facilitated countless creative projects. However, I believe that addressing these issues regarding quality control and communication is crucial for the continued success and reliability of the platform. Let’s work together to find solutions that benefit our entire community.