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Is it just me? Or

[Edit: The particular bugs here are either fixed or moved to other topics now, and the main thematic question has been answered well, so might be appropriate to close the topic. Thanks!]

…Or does it seem like as Webflow’s complexity increases, bugs are creeping into features that have been working before? Rather than post each separately, I thought I’d list things I’m seeing to test the waters as to whether others are running into more things that used to work that are creaking a little.

[Edit: moving the bugs listed below into their own topics as I can get to them]

  1. The TypeKit bug I posted (affecting at least one other person)

  2. Current page highlight in the nav widget is only working for the home page - [Moved to it’s own topic and updated with fresh diagnostic info]

  3. Symbols that are exploded into their constituent parts: [Edit - already fixed per @callmevlad, below!]

  4. [Edit Page switching slow - Ok, did you guys fix this already? Seems to be normal speed again! Not even going to log a separate ticket on this now. If that was a quick fix, thanks and wow!]

If these are legit bugs and I can’t find any more, I’ll split this post into individual threads. But for now: Is it just me? Or are others seeing more as well?


I have also noticed page switching is much slower than usual. Also autosave has been slower. I’ve found that sometimes I work faster than autosave can keep up. Which has resulted in losing some work.

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Thanks @ramatsu, we really appreciate the honesty, and the bug reports.

Webflow is growing very quickly, being used by thousands of designers daily. This makes things challenging both on the server side (saving sites, loading pages), and the client-side (things like symbols and navbars).

Because of the nature of our app, we are sometimes held at the mercy of Google Chrome & Safari release cycles… which means that some of the regressions you described are bound to happen. We work closely with the Chrome developers to report bugs, in hopes to mitigate these issues.

I can personally say that @callmevlad has assembled some of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Please do continue to report these bugs, and thank you for your patience as we push the web forward!



@danro Can you post the best browser version to work with Webflow so that everything can get more fluid.

Also, i have experienced some glitch when I drag block between elements in the Tree view. Sometime my block dont want to be inserted between certains others elements. My workaround is to reorder everything from the bottom to the top to finaly get the good desired blocks order.

Is the Active Design Time is real? Should I close webflow tab to take it off?


Hi @danro, I couldn’t be more impressed with the Webflow dev team, and considering how complex this critter must be getting with all the additional features, some of this is to be expected. So far from disgruntled, just trying to keep current on what might need fixing and what might just be a local issue on my system. And hoping the page switching speed is part of some underlying change in preparation for the new editing features there, but one that can be optimized out once that goes live! :wink:

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Hey @ramatsu I understand your frustration. I use Webflow about 5 hours a day on average and I run into these things that you’re mentioning and it gets a little frustrating. Sometimes I found workarounds, but every time I find a bug I yell at all the guys in the room that can help out and see if they can spare some time to look into it.

Sometimes it’s an easy bug to fix and other times we need to rework the whole foundation to make it work faster and more reliably. I want to give you the assurance that we take note of these bugs. In general it’s a tough balance - to build new features our users want and to make sure everything is very performant at the same time.

We’ll definitely look more closely into the page loading bug and the symbols nav bug. How many pages does your site have?

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BTW @danro, would you prefer these be broken out into separate topics? I’ve got another one to add, but don’t want this topic to become ungainly.

Yes. Please do report these bugs in their own forum topics and make the title as descriptive as possible.

This helps other users who might be hitting the same bug. Thanks!

@sergie, currently I’m at about 15 pages. It’s a prototype of a web app so some of the pages have a lot of objects.

The bugs are distracting and sometimes impede progress, but the team’s responsiveness on them has always prevented feelings of real frustration for me, because I know someone is likely working on them and a fix is on the way. That matters, a lot.

That’s been the history to date, but of course, the codebase and company have been relatively easier to handle than I imagine things are starting to get, or certainly will be in the future. So I can imagine that the same level of attention and effort that have kept on top of the bugs in the past will soon not be enough. I posted this general question about bugs to probe a little on whether there was a feeling that it might be getting harder to keep up with. But that was sort of preemptory, it’s not seeming out of hand yet from my perspective.

Will do, tonight after my big deliverable late today. Thanks!

@thesergie - Ok, by all appearances page switching is back to normal speed again - did you guys really code, test, and deploy a fix that fast? That is totally sick.

Seriously, your turnaround on features and bugs makes me literally laugh out loud with delight at times.


Hey @ramatsu, yeah we’re trying some stuff, but larger performance improvements will take some time to roll out.

To address the overall point, you are right - as we add more features, the complexity of the codebase and the effort required to maintain it both grow in tandem. However, I’m extremely confident that our team can handle the complexity of the growing codebase, while continuously adding features that make Webflow a great platform to work on.

To that end, it’s extremely helpful to get reminders like this from our awesome users like you that help us understand where we’re falling short. I hope you continue to hold us up to a higher standard to make sure that we give you a tool that’s not only useful, but incredibly reliable and super fast. :smiley:

By the way, we just pushed a fix for the symbols bug (#3) - in this case, the functionality was never working as intended, so it was a classic bug that we didn’t catch, not really a regression caused by new code. But consider that one squashed anyway :smiley: