Canonical tags incorrect on CMS collection items bug? 😬

In my experience, SEO-related issues and features have always taken a backseat within Webflow.

What’s lousy, though, is if I hadn’t spotted the issue before launching my clients’ new sites (which are replacing old sites), their new site would have received a massive SEO hit, damaging our relationship with a new client.

This situation is especially tricky as I’m also working with an SEO company who aren’t keen on using the Webflow CMS anyway :grimacing:

If their support team has suggested using Javascript as a workaround, it shows a lack of knowledge about SEO and how crawlers work. It isn’t a solution.

On another note, I’ve created another post which asks for a Webflow Bugs Page, so that Webflow users can quickly look up any active bugs without wasting loads of time trying to figure out if it’s their project instance or a problem with Webflow itself: Webflow Bugs Page