Material Design for Bootstrap. Can I use the components?

Hi. I would like to know the following. It’s key to my decision on subscribing and later on buying Webflow. Right now I’m using Material Design for Bootstrap. Incredible Kit, but lacking a drag and drop builder and an easy way to change the properties of a component. And that’s when Webflow came to my mind. Is it possible to import HTML, CSS and JS for any component of the kit so I can use it in Webflow like any other component? I’m not married to Material Design (from Google), but this kit has a lot of things I would like to use without following Google’s rules strictly. I hope I’ve been clear with my question.



No way to import HTML and CSS and get some migrate. But you could create plus-minus same styles and ideas on webflow using CSS editor (In webflow you have flex-grid, swatches, shadows, animations effects and so on).

See this for example (some of the cards with little shadows like material look):



custom code


Thanks for your help and for the suggestions. It’s been very kind from your part. While I was waiting for the answer I’ve been discovering more and more features and I think I’m going to give it a try. I really, really like it.