New iPad mouse support

Ok Webflow. New Apple iPad pro has mouse support. The ball is in your court. Can we expect being able to use an iPad on the go with webflow?

You already can, iOS safari is now full fledged browser.

For what it’s worth I gave it a test drive after updating my iPad Pro and I was impressed how well it’s working already. It did crash when I initially tried to right-click on the canvas (before mapping the second mouse button in the settings) but much smoother than when the cursor support was initially added last year.

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Can you actually use it to build a site or is it still to buggy in your experience?

I can’t really say for sure. I only gave it a try after updating the iPad to see how it worked with the new mouse support but it was maybe less than 5 minutes total.

Based on that experience, I’d totally feel comfortable creating a small site from scratch or making updates to something a bit larger and more complex.

I just had a quick test.

It works quite well actually on my iPad pro and even smaller iPad.

  • Panels on the left and right are not scrollable, and you have to hover and drag the tiny scrollbars.
  • Some buttons are really quite different to use.
  • Symbols are still hard to manipulate on iPad.
  • Selected text will be covered by iOS’s default controls if you finger-touch it.
  • And… it’s super easy to crash!

But it is good enough to handle some quick adjustments and do some urgent editing on-the-go.

I think Webflow will tweak it soon to improve the experience.

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That’s all i would need to do with it i think, sounds good.

2021 update…

Sometimes, I really have to edit something on Webflow Designer outside using iPad. It does not crash that often as before.

While understanding there are limitations, it looks like the ONLY major problem remaining is not able to scroll the control panels on both sides.

It would really help a lot if Webflow can find a way to make it possible.


Thanks for the update - good to know you can make small urgent changes tho, i would rather bring my iPad on holidays then a full laptop