Webflow add more editor docs and data for clients

The editor in Webflow is amazing (Great UI). But all docs are from the designer view (Not editor).

Example: How to add meta-titles/description from the editor?

It’s really 10 seconds to tell client “use this feild” - but before client X choice webflow VS wix VS Y and Z - this things are important.

How to manage a blog? How to add a page? How to add a link?

This is not only docs issue - the editor should be more important in general (The clients pay for the site :slight_smile: ).

Demo conspet

In a lot of CMS/site builder - you have Demo site (Without creating user/account ).



Section for editors:

Fair point, @Siton_Systems. We’re currently working on more robust documentation for the Editor, and in the meantime, you might find this site I built handy: https://webflow.com/website/The-clients-guide-to-the-Webflow-Editor

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