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Intro to the Editor -- for Editors

Hi guys, you make awesome videos explaining how things work in Webflow. ‘Intro to the Editor’ (on this page is also a great video, but it’s for designers/web developers.

I wish there was a video specifically for (potential) Editors, to give them an overview of what it’s like using your CMS –– but without any references to the Designer or other backround issues.

A page/video like that would potentially save me having to demonstrate Webflow Editor in person, because a well crafted Editor video would do the job of informing (and persuading) a prospective client sufficiently.


Hello @spirelli

Guess what :grin:

Editor introduction > > Downloadable, unbranded version of this video to share with your clients and colleagues:

Editor: Collections tab > > Downloadable, unbranded version of this video to share with your clients and colleagues:

Editor: Pages tab > > Downloadable, unbranded version of this video to share with your clients and colleagues:

You can also create your own videos :blush:

Piter :webflow_heart:

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This is awesome @PiterDimitrov,

Thanks for sharing! These are great!

@spirelli, I like to offer my clients a series of custom in-depth “Training Videos” as an extra deliverable on their Scope Of Work, I’ll create these with Loom - ScreenCast Software. This allows the client to really get a close look of how they’ll be using their Custom CMS, since each site in Webflow can vary from a Simple CMS to a site loaded with complex Dynamic Content and CMS options I find this to be really helpful for most of my clients.

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Thanks both, what joy! Would be great if these links were given prominently enough towards the top of this page:

You know the links for this videos under webflow university? (Easier to find later - VS youtube specific link).

I couldn’t find them listed in the WF University, where I think they should appear – unless @PiterDimitrov or anyone else knows more?

Only found this, where the videos are included.

But for me right now showing this page isn’t that great:

  1. Too much text
  2. Doesn’t look like Webflow (which is what I’m trying to sell – don’t need unbranded and third-party looking)

So, I’ll give them the YouTube links for now. The direct download videos are rather large in file size, and because of this when they started playing in the browser they would pause every now and then.

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It would be great to add under university “editor course” (Like interaction or CMS). But i thinks webflow team work on it (The videos 3-4 months old).

I think the videos are more client oriented and that’s why they are not included. WF University is more for the designers and people who will work with the platform. Yea, the videos can be uploaded there also.

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Agree – fine for the vids themselves not to appear on the University pages. But links to them should be clearly enough provided there for developers to find them.


I am not agree. The WF University should be for editors and designers. Of course beacuse the editor is Simpler = less content.

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I think I agree now with you. A section for editors where they could look up things themselves would be good. E.g. one of our clients regularly forgets how to update the password on a protected page and kept loosing an email where I’ve explained. If they could look it up on the WF site that’s be great.