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Page which demonstrates why client should pick Webflow CMS


I wondered if there is web page I can link to that will demonstrate to potential clients how great the Webflow CMS is? All the pages I can find about the CMS are aimed at designers / Webflow users. These pages contain additional information not relevant to the client and images of the Webflow editor which makes it seem more complicated than it is.

Some clients have a preference for Wordpress simply because they are familiar with it. I would like to be able to say they should use the Webflow CMS instead and send them a link to a page which clearly demonstrates why.


Hi @sparky That is a great question and it is why we created a page dedicated to the CMS editor. Check it out here:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

That’s a big help! Thanks very much.

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Hey @sparky - we’d love to make it easier for you to have a convo about Webflow’s CMS with your clients. What sort of information would you like to see on and on that would help you sell it better? Any suggestions would be awesome!

Hi @brryant

I think will certainly be a help. However, I think a few more testimonials from actual businesses (i.e not developers or designers) who have switched from WordPress to Webflow would be useful. The testimonial on the page at the moment is from a developer which is unlikely to resonate as much with a potential client. It also mentions Squarespace and although I understand the point being made, it is something I would avoid. A client may not have heard of Webflow and if they skim read and see a comparison to Squarespace they may get the wrong impression.

A bullet pointed list comparing Webflow and WP would be useful. That appears on but is focused on the designer / developer point of view.

I think the links at the bottom to see what’s been made in Webflow and finding a Webflow designer muddies things a little. Easy for a client to get confused between the Webflow editor and the CMS (which is really what this page should be about).

Just a few thoughts. Overall though, its solid!

I think selling in Webflow CMS vs WordPress is a conversation lots of Webflow users face so would love to hear some other ideas.


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