V2 CMS Publish Item Validation Errors

I suddenly can’t publish via the APIs anymore. Every response is a 202 and a “ValidationError: Validation Failure” with no other details. Has anyone else run into this?

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Getting the exact same issue but in make.com with the Webflow API v2 publishing module. Webflow 'Publish an item' Module in Make.com isn't publishing - #4 by memetican

same issue here via Zapier…

same issue here via n8n (with API v1 and V2)

No issues here with publishing on V2 via MeldAPI.

I am having the issue and not even directly working with the API. The editor spits a validation error all the time, saying that the referenced items don’t exist but they in fact do. Very strange situation

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve republished the site

I’m also getting the “ValidationError: Validation Failure” message when using v2 of publish items.

What’s interesting to me is that each record will be fine on its own tested individually.

However, when I start doing multiple calls in succession, the first few will be fine and then validation errors start happening. So, I don’t think the issue is with my data.

I’ve read other discussions on rate limits. I am only trying to do a handful per minute. (However, I’ve seen some discussions stating that the new limit is 5, while official docs say 60 calls per minute).

I’m not getting any error saying it’s a rate limiting issue.

I have built in some time delays in my flows to try and further space things out.