Rate Limit Hit Error (Make) - But I'm nowhere near 60 requests/ minute

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I am using Make (formerly Integromat) to perform automations in relation to the CMS. Basically, I’m using a webflow form to trigger a ChatGPT response, which I log in the CMS so a user can see it… the problem is when trying to ‘publish my site’ in Make I am receiving the error:
“The operation failed with an error. [429] RateLimit: Rate limit hit”
I am aware that the webflow API can perform up to 60 requests per minute, but this is the first time I have run this Automation in hours and yet I still get this error. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.
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What’s even weirder is that I publish the site twice in the Make automation, the first time it publishes with no problem, but shows this error when the second ‘publish’ automation runs.
Also, it was working completely fine until a few days ago, I didn’t change anything, it just unexpectedly shows this error now.

Webflow just changed the rate-limit for the Publish API endpoint to 1 request/min.

Thats a good one, thanks for calling it out @JudoHacker

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