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Building a web app using Webflow for front-end

Hey guys,

I am wondering if it’s actually possible to build a fully functional MVP of a web app using Webflow for front-end and using Firebase/Hasura to automatically generate a simple API, and then access the backend using client side javascript added directly to the Webflow site.
A friend of mine suggested it’s actually possible. It would be really cool if we could use WF for building actual apps. It could also save tons of time and money if we could validate ideas using WF. Any experience here? Any suggestions on how to do it properly?

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Yeah it is! I am currently using MemberStack for a membership/product site with logins and all that! It’s great! Love having the design freedom! I have to try Firebase/Hasura! Give it a shot!


Great to hear!
Anybody else? Would love to hear more opinions.

Good morning/afternoon @Josef, there was just a blog article for this particular instance on the Webflow Blog site.

Check out this article:

It doesnt have tech data in it but you can probably reach out to them directly to see how they went about it.

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