Codeless Web Apps in Webflow?

Hey everyone!

I discovered Webflow a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. I love how intuitive it is for someone familiar with the basics of web design. In the interest of pushing the envelope (and because of some requirements for a recent project I’m working on), I’d like to take it upon myself to see if it were possible to build a fully functional web app right in Webflow (maybe with the help of some external services).

After scouring the forums, I’ve found a few topics relating to people either using Webflow to prototype an application or to create the front end and exporting the code. It got me thinking if there were a way to build an app right in Webflow by perhaps connecting it with a backend service like Ideally, the less code to write the better.

I know you can use forms in Webflow with Webhooks, but to the best of my knowledge this is a “one way” operation, i.e. you can’t take a response from the Webhook and put it in an element of the page. Is anyone aware of an easy way to create a dynamic app using APIs, maybe even with an external service if necessary? Does anyone have any experience building a web app with Webflow, or integrating it with Bubble/Firebase/etc?

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Is it safe to say that using Webflow for the front end of a web app isn’t a common use case? I mean beyond just prototyping.

I’m personally a big proponent of low code/no code tools like Webflow, Bubble, or Dropsource. Many of these fill a different niche but could be used to power the same project (i.e. front end in Webflow, back end in Bubble, mobile app in Dropsource). The idea of having an entire product line built with very little code is exciting! A process that typically takes months could be accomplished in a matter of weeks, if not days.

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