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I’m new to web flow.

It looks like a great solution for building websites, but I can’t see if it can be used to build a dynamic web application.

I want to build a multi use application to store and maintain training data, undertake audits and inspections, etc.

A bit like an admin panel built with Bootstrap.

Is this possible with this solution?



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Not natively. There are basically 3 routes you can go if you want to use Webflow for this;

  1. Webflow + Wized + Xano, which gives you a nocode programming environment and data storage, user accounts, etc.

  2. Webflow + Memberstack + custom code to build your interfaces, data storage mechanisms, etc. You’ll want to be very comfortable with javascript here if you’re trying to build a full user console with user-specific data.

  3. Webflow-design, but exported HTML, and then build your own custom app. React, Vue, perl, etc. Build what you want, host it somewhere else - Webflow’s hosting does not have server-side programming support.

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But you haven’t really provided enough to know if what your asking for can be handled in Webflow or if you need some 3rd party add-ons to get you going.

Multiple users?

How would this data be maintained?

Who would undertake them, and how?

The more details, the better :+1:

I’ve been doing these sorts of things for years with Webflow and I have a bunch of tutorials and screencasts that will give you a good glimpse into what is, and is not possible with Webflow natively, or along with 3rd parties.

Some things are possible to do natively, others you need help. I’ve got examples of a lot of that on the blog.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the feedback Memetican, much appreciated.

Thanks also ChrisDrit.

I’ll take a look.

Just to chime in here -

It is definitely possible to build web apps using Webflow if you also use other tools with it (as Micheal described).

That being said - when you’re starting, you will need to be prepared. While a lot of people come to Webflow for the pure no-code benefits, once you start to venture in to the web app space, you will inevitably need to work with code.

I think there are massive benefits to doing this over building a standard web app, but here is what you should be prepared for if you use any of the stacks described by Micheal

Wized & Xano: While you will rarely have to do any actual coding, in some ways Wized is a visual version of Javascript. You will need to pass through variables and have some understanding of how programming works to use it effectively.

Memberstack: You can do the majority of straightforward things like auth, payments, custom member data, etc in an easy way and without any code, you will definitely need to write some custom scripts when you want to implement more advanced, use-case specific features. We’ve been working on making a bunch of these scripts for you (check out the library here), but you will likely need to make some of your own.

Exported HTML: For this, you will need to do a lot of coding and set up your own environment. The benefits of doing this in Webflow are minimal at best. However, if you get access to Devlink, I think it’s extremely promising as a react time-saver. However, you will still need to know and work with react to use it.

Hope this gives some context!

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