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We desparetly need the ability to save pre-styled sections and elements

Symbols is a good idea for master page type stuff but it would be awesome to have a system like that but for simply saving parts of sites and elements. Then have the ability to export them or offer them to Webflow users.

We need more open flexibility. I would like to make and sell robust themes and pre-designed sections or elements ‘plugins’ for webflow in many different marketplaces.

Is this in the pipeline? Adobe Muse offers these types of features and it works quite well. Having a file format for projects and elements would also get rid of the site limits on some of these plans, allowing us to rent the software but have full control over how we use it.

Not sure what the plans are. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update. I know they’ve talked about big things coming but that was like a year ago.

Hi Darian,

As a workaround - I create a “sandbox” page with all the styles and elements/symbols I want to re-use. I can then copy and paste them into any page…

I’d like more export options ala Adobe Muse. I would love to be able to create ‘plugins’ or just widgets, export them, and use them or allow others to upload. Same with site projects. I want to save a project and then be allowed to send it to a friend.

They’d kill it if we could do this. We need more freedoms or it’s just another WYSIWYG Editor but with a bigger learning curve compared to their competitors.