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Isolated export of Symbols coming?

What do you guys think about making an ‘Export a Symbol’ option for the Exporter?

Would help me a lot — as a have a deep playground of styles / components in one Webflow Project for a Web App I do the UI for. The developers don’t want the entire CSS, JS each time I give them a new component. If I could export just a Symbol (html,css,js) it’d be super helpful.

Maybe there’s a simpler workflow I’m not thinking of?

More info: the Web App I now do the UI for had a pre-existing styles before for I started making new components in Webflow for it.


That would mean none of the elements in your exported symbol share any of the class names of the target composition. All of the classes and IDs should be unique. Which is a huge source of problem if you release such a feature to Webflow’s audience who must for the most part don’t get what uniqueness of class names is required. So for most people those exported symbols would explose upon integration in another project, or make the host template explode.

It goes against CSS optimisation. Good Css job means optimizing the number of classes and their hierarchy. You could imagine a system to add unique IDS to all the classes of a symbol, but that would mean breaking a lot of HTML/CSS good practices.

That’s why moving things from one WF site to another doesn’t already exist.

Would be perfect to have a symbols gallery on dashboard. Everytime you create a symbol you can make it global (for now for your user only) and give a name to it. Since my login is bartekkustra I will have my global symbol called: bartekkustra-g-_symbolname_. Once the symbol is set to global it will have global classes similar to the symbolname or containg the prefix.

Class inside symbol before it goes global: awesome-background

Class inside symbol after it goes global: bartekkustra-_symbolid_-awesome-background or bartekkustra-_symbolname_-awesome-background.

That way will make a huge step towards global symbols across users ;)