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WARNING: Integromat and restoring a Webflow Backup

Thought it would be helpful to mention that if you’re using tools like Integromat or Zapiar with Webflow, these tools often require Collection IDs and/or Item IDs to work with Webflow. If you restore your site from a backup all of your IDs will change and your Integromat and Zapiar scenarios will no longer work. This may be obvious to some, but man it completely bit me today!

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You are correct and this has been mentioned before in the forums and there is this warning in the University on this page.

Important : When you perform a restore, all CMS Collection and item IDs will refresh. This refresh will affect API calls and third-party connections that use Collection or item IDs. You will need to reconnect them to the refreshed items. Please make sure you want to perform this action.

It’s a weak point in Webflow’s service. Thanks for sharing and sorry you had to learn the hard way.