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Restoring from a backup broke our API connections

I am the co-founder of an early stage startup called Sellout (, a ticketing platform meant to combat scalping and fraud.

We had planned to use Webflow extensively as a tool to build out not only our own website (which is run on webflow currently) but also several client websites, and utilize the API as a way to dynamically update our own site and our clients’ sites with new events when they are posted and updated. Webflow seemed to be the perfect solution to allow us to quickly design, develop, and deploy several dynamic sites.

But we ran into a pretty big issue today when we needed to restore our site from a previous backup. This action completely broke our API connections as it generated new IDs for everything in the webflow CMS. Other people have made mention of this on this forum.

Now we are writing a script that will go back and reconnect the items, but it’s got us worried. The API hasn’t been updated since 2017. The API itself is decent, but not super well documented and has quite a few loose ends. We’ve found several little bugs as we’ve been trying to build out own services with it.

We really want to lean on the Webflow API in a big way and we are quite excited by the possibilities of using it because we want to launch hundreds of webflow sites over the next few years that are completely reliant on it, but we are worried that it is not being supported very well. Is there a team at Webflow dedicated to the API? Are there ongoing support and updates planned? If so, is there a way that we can connect with the developers and report our API bugs to them?

Hoping someone from the Webflow staff will read this and give us a direct connection to the API team, or some confidence that the API is a priority for Webflow, especially after their big funding round this year. Fingers crossed!

Thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing. I too was looking to build out a larger vertical using the API extensively and due to some of the issues you discovered put that plan on hiatus. Instead I am planning to handle the data on my end and pull it in via Ajax on client sites. Kind of defeats the purpose of using the CMS and even Webflow to a degree. So I share your observations and sentiments as well. Webflow adds stuff but does not even bother to update the updates page. Frustrating. Hopefully they will invest more time and resources.