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Restoring from backup broke Zapier connections on the original site

[UPDATE] It appears that the cause my be in fact restoring from a backup rather than duplicating a site. No matter the exact cause, the fix worked. So if you’re zaps break try the steps below.

The purpose of this post is to detail the bug I found but also a how-to-fix the problem if you ever encounter it.Let me setup the situation:

I’m designing a site for side project of mine. Unfortunately, I’ve flip flopped on the design a few times which created a bunch of unused outdated styles, interaction, and custom code.

I wanted to do some spring cleaning but didn’t want to rely solely on version backups to retrieve elements that might. Thinking that a duplicate would create a design fork that I could go back to if need be to use the awesome cross-site copy/paste. So I duplicated it.

A little bit ago, I noticed that the cms collection in the original project hadn’t received any new items from Zapier since yesterday. :triangular_flag_on_post: I logged into Zapier to find that a good 20-30 items showed to have successfully have transferred but obviously they hadn’t. Somehow Zapier didn’t get an error running the zaps and Webflow never received the content.

WARNING: Zaps my break but not appear broken in the dashboard.

This is what I saw. Successful zaps that actually weren’t.

The Fix
Now let me breakdown the steps that have appeared to fix the zaps and their bindings.

  1. Edit the zap
  2. Go to the Webflow Create CMS Item action
  3. Click on the account step (with the :bust_in_silhouette: icon)
  4. Click the Text button. If successful… continue. If not successful, reconnect the Webflow site.
  5. Go to the Edit Template step
  6. Here you can see that even though the site and collection are connected, the field bindings got moved to an Extra Fields.
  7. Click on the collection title and choose it again from the dropdown list.
  8. Now you’ll see the bindings and fields magically reappear.
  9. Next go to Test This Step step
  10. Refresh or launch the Designer to verify that the connection is working

So as far as I can tell this fixes the issue. Not sure if this is a bug with Webflow or Zapier, but somehow the connection got scrambled.

Update: Today the zaps are feeding data correctly into the collections again. It seems everything is back to normal.

Hi @matthewpmunger

Thanks for the super detailed explanation here!

There are a couple of things that may have caused this.

The first (and most likely) is if you restored a previous version from backups. When this is done, collection IDs are automatically changed which may have disconnected the Zapier integration.

The second theory here is that the outage from yesterday (incident report) interrupted the Zapier integration.

Just to be sure though, I reached out to our backend engineers to see if they have a bit more insight.

That said, I’m happy to hear it’s working as expected now :smiley:

That is probably the more likely explanation then. I was unaware of that. It’s true that I restored to an earlier version that afternoon which would be in the timeframe for when the zaps stopped working.

I was tracking this incident though I never saw issues on hosted pages. There was a collection list in the Designer that stopped showing the content (in Safari but not Chrome). Trying to figure out that is what lead me to trying a backup restore unknowing that it would cause an issue with Zapier.

Sounds like a compound issue that I experienced. I’m just glad that the process of fixing the zaps was rather straight forward.

Assuming that the backup restore is what broke the Zapier collection, perhaps a warning notification prior to restoring if a site is connected to Zapier.

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Ah this is a great idea. I’ll definitely share this with our team in charge of the API :smiley:


Just encountered the same problem. I had a weird issue where some new elements on my website suddenly reverted to partially-built designs from 3 weeks ago, so I did a restore and rebuilt some broken components.

I wasn’t aware that all of the CMS collection IDs would change, and that this would break all of my Zaps. Would be good to warn about that on a restore, so we can reprogram the Zaps before the datapocalypse :slight_smile:

Cross-site copy and paste seems to be a safer way to restore parts of a backup rather than breaking the api connections.

Absolutely- I’d really like to see a “Restore Backup to New Project” feature.

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