!Read before using new import functionality

I just used the new csv import functionality that lets you UPDATE CMS items based on the ItemID. Great that this is possible now.

But I ran into a mayor issue that really surprised me, and I think is a big risk when using this: When you make a mistake, and then restore a backup from before the import/update, ALL THE ITEM ID’S HAVE CHANGED.

Why is this an issue?
The most common use case (so is mine) will be:

  1. you export a CSV of your current cms items with the itemID’s.
  2. You or your client changes the CSV. And maybe adds or deletes rows. Or even changes the order. Who knows. Not a problem, because…
  3. when re-importing webflow will match the rows with te correct items based on the itemID.
  4. But then you make a mistake in webflow and restore a backup…

All the item id’s (in my case 311) have been changed in the CMS. Which means manually updating these id’s in the CSV before importing… Not a huge deal if everything is still in order… but if its not…

Is this a bug? I’m a little baffled this is happening…
(I will also report this to support.)

Unfortunately, this is a known issue with item IDs changing whenever a backup is restored. It not only affects the new CSV import, it also affects Zapier integrations that use those IDs. It’s a real pain. :disappointed:

If it ever happens, you can use PowerImporter to update values from a CSV file and use another column as the unique identifier instead of the item ID (e.g. slug, internal id, etc). Those values won’t change after a restore.

I also just heard back from webflow support. Indeed this ‘normal’ behavior. It is mentioned in the help page of restoring a backup. They are (hopefully) also gonna put this in de information about CSV updating.