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Video wont upload to background video

When I try to upload my video it wont upload and I get this message
¨failed to upload background video please check connection¨

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What size is the video you’re trying to upload? I see there’s a background video playing in the center column right below your main navigation—is this a different video than you’re trying to upload?

the video im trying to upload is to play in the center and its size is 1280 by 720 pixels

My apologies, I meant file size. The maximum file size allowed for background videos is 30mb.

That said, does my screenshot show the video you were attempting to upload? I see it playing when I preview the page and it’s showing up just fine in the background video settings:


the size is 5.07 megabytes

its playing the wrong video it only plays that video it wont let me upload other videos

What’s the file format of the video you’re trying to upload? Does it help if you attempt to open an incognito window (with all extensions disabled) and upload the video there?

its the file format for YouTube from Adobe After Effects