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Problem when uploading video

HI all! I am trying to upload background video. But when doing so the video does not seem to be uploaded. I can’t even see the uploading progress bar. I manage once to upload a video and replaced the default video which was included in the tamplate. But after that other upload is possible. The video which I am uploading is 29.7 mb. I tried in both Chrome and Safari. None works.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Anyone knows about this? :grinning:

Try making it even smaller. It is pretty close to the 30mb limit.

I tried. I uploaded another version which was 27 mb also. Same problem.

Did you try uploading anything at all? Small unrelated file in different format?

Hi webbor,
Can you please upload the video somewhere and share the link with us.
In webflow you can add background video files smaller than 30MB with the following formats: webm, mp4, mov, ogg..
as webflow doesn’t support every video format so please make sure you are not uploading some common format like .mkv or .mpg etc


Hi, @webbor!

My name is Micah, and I’m happy to help also!

If possible, would you be able to share a link to your video that is not uploading? Perhaps sharing a link to your file using

I’d be happy to take a look as well :bowing_man:

Hi @mistercreate and @Afflospark! So much thanks for your reply! I solved it. I shrinked the file to 17 mb, and now it works. However the function seem to be a but weird cuz I couldn’t even upload the movie (which was in .mov format) when the file size was 25 mb either. Conclusion is that the file needs to me a lot smaller than 30 mb, at least in my case :slight_smile: So much thanks!

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