Video wont upload to background video

I just experienced this issue and the files uploaded by changing all of the “-”'s in the file name to “_”

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Had exactly the same problem and tried the same solutions.
Replace “-” with “_” solved the problem. Thanks!

No hyphens - brilliant! Worked for me too - so much time spent. That oughta get fixed; Webflow devs?

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Lmao, I face the opposite, I replace “_” to “-” and solved the problem.

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Had the same issue, I removed all Special Characters from the file name and it loaded perfectly.

MP4. Format
18.5 MB

Going to give it a try because I wasn’t having an issue before with uploading video content. It just stoped working.

Same, all my video files are greyed out as if I can’t upload any of the content. Let me know if you find a fix. Check out our fresh site . Always working on improving my webflow skills

I replaced a space in the video name with “_” and it worked again then …

having the same issue and changing the name wont resolve it :sob:

I was having the same issue, however replacing a space in the video with “_” worked for me as well…

Yes, replacing spaces with a hyphen or underscore solves it error issue.