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Video hosting choice

Can I ask what platform people use to host videos from when inserting a video into say a CMS blog?

Irritatingly YouTube now shows a ‘related videos’ bit at the end that can no longer be switched off and the client does not want to see ! :frowning: I’ve read that you can add ‘rel=0’ at the end of the url but this breaks the video for me.

Tweaking of the embed code from YT to remove suggestions doesn’t work anymore, for now. Not even if the videos are yours and if you’re paying for Premium.

If you pay for Vimeo Plus, you’ll have a better control over the embed, and you probably even won’t have extra overlay at the end of a video using the Webflow video component.


Hi Vincent. I’ve just done some more Googling and found that I need to add ‘&rel=0’ at the end of my urls and not just ‘rel-0’, this has now worked and is no longer showing related content.

I think.

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Is it? Well, cool. I just looked around and only found posts saying that this wasn’t working anymore. And noticed some other parameters like modestbranding=1; aren’t working anymore either.

Looks to be ok. I’ve just tried again to be sure and its working (at least for now). So, since it shows the channels own related content at the end i’ve setup a new YouTube account for the client, added their videos and created share links from that account. Now when a user watches a video they should only see further content from my client.

Until Google changes its mind again next week…