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Remove YouTube Recommended Videos

Is there a way to remove recommended videos YouTube forces at the end of my YouTube videos? I’m using a dynamic video page to add videos via url? - Thanks! JC

Use an embed code from youtube instead if the widget and be sure to leave that checkbox unchecked

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Hi Vincent - thanks for the follow up. I’m familiar with embedding videos, but not sure how to go about it using my new dynamic video page. the page only takes URL of video and not embed code?

Hi Jeff,

Just grab the URL from the source of the embed.

See example:


Jeff do you mean you’re adding the videos as part of posts of a CMS collection?

Edit ok I saw your site so you have a video field in your collection:

I’ll describe how to switch from a video field to a text field using a custom code widget, step by step. Easy and you’ll see, interesting. I unfortunately can’t do this on your site because I can’t add fields on a read only site.

Let’s add a TEXT field for the video ID, you’ll be able to remove the video field once the job s finished. For your site, you’re using both Youtube and Vimeo videos, so let’s add 2 fields, because the custom code isn’t the same for YT and Vimeo so we need to address that. One text field for YT ID and one for Vimeo ID.

Now I’m going to create 2 records (posts), one with a YT ID of one of your videos, one with a Vimeo ID of one of your videos.

YT video:

So we copy the ID and paste it in a record of the video collection

Vimeo Video:

Same thing, locate and copy the ID

and paste it in a record

We have our two records now

On your site, you are using the videos on the Video template page, let’s do the same. Let’s go to the Video template a create a quick structure and save room for the video

Let’s deal with the Youtube video first. Instead of dragging a video widget, let’s drag a custom code widget

Now let’s go to Youtube to generate the code we need.

Then copy the code

And back to Webflow, paste the code in the custom code widget box

Now, we’re going to make that code DYNAMIC so it always show the video of the post we’re on. For that we’re going to select the video ID in the code

then we’re going to click on ADD FIELD and link that piece of code to our Youtube Video ID from our collection

Now it looks like that and… it works already!

Be sure to be on the YT page, right?

OK there are dimensions in the code so let’s address this:

Put the desired dimensions, height must be in pixels.

Vimeo now. Add another custom code in the same page, yes you’ll have 2 videos in the page, for the moment.

At Vimeos, click on share

then link to collection the same way

then it works when you’re on the vimeo video page

Now let’s tell the YT video to display only when the YT ID is set, and the same for Vimeo video

Et voilà. Sorry it’s long but I just love to draw green arrows.


@textileranch - thanks! That did the trick! Now if I could just get those pesky things off my YouTube channel :slight_smile:

@vincent “WOW!” That’s way too cool. THANK YOU FOR THE INVESTMENT!!! This will work perfectly! Thanks again - AND for all the green arrows :+1:

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Wow @vincent that was a really great job you did. Thanks

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@vincent Is there a solution when adding a youtube video in a dynamic rich text field? It seems webflow gets rid of the “?rel=0” when I enter in the url in the video source field inside a rich text field in the cms.