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Related videos in Youtube

Hi webflow community!

Im trying to remove the related videos at the end of a youtube clip. Is it Possible?


You should be able to append ?rel=0 to the embed URL.


Youtube is making this harder as time goes on. They want people to keep clicking and watching. :money_mouth_face:

Using the enhanced privacy -nocookie domain helps, but (as of now) will show related videos from the same channel. Example:

Wistia and Vimeo are becoming the preferred video hosts, when you want this kind of control over the embeds.


Hi! I think that it is possible, but there are different ways to do that. You can strike a video and ask for it some people. Or you can write a message to the administrator. The second one will be profitable, I think. By the way, if you are a blogger, you can navigate here to find some views for your channel