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Video Field with YouTube link | How to avoid external YouTube Content

Hey Guys, I fetch YouTube URL’s from my product CMS and link them into a dynamic product page. It works. My problem: YouTube content suggestions are made at the end of the video and my advertising funnel is over. How to avoid that? I will only have my single ad video displayed of my relating product data set.

Please keep in mind that I am using the Video-Field and not the YouTube-Field because the YouTube field is not able to fetch CMS-links. There would be of course more advanced options like “limit related videos to the same channel” but even this would be not a solution, I only want my only video displayed.

I also played around with the background video field. Same problem. No fetch support for CMS.

Any ideas?

Best Alex

Hey Alex! Welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, YouTube deprecated the ability to remove recommended videos at the end of your own video. See here —

This website goes into more detail about alternatives available and the ability to add rel=0 to the end of your videos to limit recommendations to just videos from your channel, but I can understand why that’s not ideal for you:

Hope this helps!

Edit: This article may be of some assistance to you as a potential work-around.

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Hey Matt, due to your help the problem is already dissolved. The article of your second link came up with the idea of using Vimeo with the cheapest plan. You are able to disable the controls and the related content stuff. 1 : 0 for Vimeo, Thank you very much for your fast help, best Alex

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Awesome, glad to hear you found a solution that works for you!

Just a note to update the discussion for late 2020…If I add “&rel=0” to the end of my link url, it will only show other videos from the current channel. I set up a channel specifically for these videos, so the only recommendations will be from my own pool of videos. Not perfect, but so far it’s far better than a random suggested video.