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CMS Video Field not working

I’m unsure if this is a bug, but I can’t pull a ‘video-field’ from my CMS anywhere…

I’m trying to insert it into a custom code embed. I’ve attached screens below.

Am I doing something wrong? Everything else pops up?!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](
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Hey there! Instead of using the video widget, just use a text widget to put the dynamic video ID into and all the rest of the embed text can be static.

Ok. So I created a ‘plain-text-field’ in the collection and added that ‘field’ to the embed area. And it doesn’t populate the video…

You can view on the read-only my changes, only made it for the ‘first’ thumbnail. Demi Levato…

Hi there,

it looks like the video element is working as expected.

If you navigate to the CMS page, add a Video Element and link it to the Video under the Collection, it displays the correspondent video for each Collection Item:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I am referring to the embed code, please look at the screenshots I posted above.

Please help guys, would love to figure out what is going on.


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