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Video Element Not Playing

Hello all,

Right now, I’m trying to have a video element play on my website. However, whenever I preview the website in the designer, it doesn’t play. It also doesn’t play whenever I publish it and go to the page directly at What am I doing wrong that’s preventing this video from playing on the site?

Many thanks,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello Kyle.
It is playing for me, maybe your not waiting long enough. It has to download to your machine before it plays.

Does clicking the audio button also unmute the video? I’ve had the page open for a while, but still haven’t gotten anything to play. Tried a few different browsers and devices, and even cleared my cookies.

Looks like I clicked the about button as its not loading now.
If you don’t want to widely share your website you can send me a message with the link in for me to take a look.