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Video doesn't load/play on published site


I finally found out how to create a 100% height embed code video without using a background video (because of the quality loss).

However, the video doesn’t play/load on the published site. The video only plays when viewed in the designer.
If you refresh the published site many times the video sometimes will pop-up.
The video itself is: 762kb

I hope anybody has a solution for this, if so, please let me know :slight_smile:

Link to published site:
Read-only link:

I only see a video on the LHS that plays on the published site in Windows 10 Chrome 69. Is this it?

Ah so the video does play in your browser?
I only see the poster on the published website:

The video only works in the designer for me. Really weird…

Try clearing your browser cache and running your page with disable cache option on in the developer tools.