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Trying to get video element to play


For starters, I’m not too knowledgeable on computer science. I’m trying to get my site working properly with a background video playing along with an unmute button for audio. This site was originally made by another designer who used help from someone on Fiverr, but they are currently MIA.

I’ve pasted the code from the home page onto this one:, and that got it to play beyond my other attempts of just adding an embed element and putting a link to the video in the code. However, in the custom code, there is a setting where the video only plays for a few seconds, then the page is not accessible until the next day. I’ve tried to remove everything between $(document) and the audio unmute, but when I do that, the video just does not play at all. What should I change to fix this? How can I get it to not only play without redirecting, but also restart and loop each time?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Kyle_Frederick

The video plays without problems for me, it loops, and play again. The sound button works fine. Are you still seeing the problem?

Piter :webflow_heart:

I ended up messing with the code and omitting stuff that seemed right based on the little I remember from my HTML5 class a few years back. In-case anyone else struggles with this, here’s what I did:
Anytime I would get rid of the code relating to cookies, the video would break. In the embedded video element, I added in loop="" and autoplay="" which seemed obvious now that I think about it. However, while the video was playing all the way through, the audio function was no longer working. I put the cookies section back into the code, then removed all settings relating to redirecting and cookies causing the video to expire after a while. I think the reason why the audio function was no longer working was something as simple as incorrect formatting after I deleted the cookies function, but if anyone has anymore info I’d love to hear that. I’m going to keep playing with the page to see if I can remove the unnecessary stuff about cookies. If anyone’s curious, here’s what the custom code looks like now with all the redirecting and expiring removed: webflow help 2

If anyone has anymore knowledge on why exactly the video wouldn’t work properly when just the cookies code was removed, I’d love to hear that!