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Video background on Android and iOS - Critical!

There are many examples on the internet with a working video background on android and ios devices:

Webflow designer should be upgraded to get background video working on any devices. This is critical because this will be the web standard very soon.

Hi @Tibor_Fabian

Most background videos do not autoplay on mobile devices due to mobile device constraints. However, as far as I know, some videos do play in latest versions of mobile software/browsers if they are in an appropriate format and size like small mp4s files.

For example, I can see the video play on your site which is made in Webflow in both Chrome and Safari on an iPhone.

I believe it’s a browser/mobile issue and not a limitation of the Webflow background video component.

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Ciao Anna,
if you check the same site, published inside the webflow hosting ( ) you will see that the video background doesn’t work on mobile.
To make it work i’ve exported the code and then i’ve substituted the video with my own compressed video.
I think that this problem can be related to the video compression process inside webflow…

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