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Template HTML Video Playback on Mobile Devices

Thinking of buying this template from your site however the video background does not play on mobile devices. Is this an error on the designers part or a webflow bug/issue. I have seen a few other design help questions in January 16 and June 16 with no reply. Seems like something that should work on a premium purchase template? Please advise

Background videos do not autoplay on mobile devices due to mobile device constraints.

However, one of our community members found a custom code work around here: HTML5 Video autoplay now working on mobile?

If you have any trouble with the above integration, can you please make a post on the Webflow Help pages under the Code Help category with as much information as possible (read-only link, screen shots and a description).

Another option is to add a background image that will display on mobile instead of the bg video.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Is it a proprietary value because i don’t see it on ?
I can only see on webkit for iphone

Hi @lionel, the support for iOS background video was updated, and that is what the custom code workaround shows, is how to enable that support using a custom embed.

The ability to do this natively in Webflow has not yet been updated.

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