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Background video on mobile?

Hi all :slight_smile:
I am using the webflow background video element for the hero section in one of my website. I have read several threads on how background video won’t play on mobile screens. I do know that gifs or cover images are one way to work around this.

But what if one HAS to have a background video to work on mobile at any cost? Is there no solution this at all? No custom codes, no hacks, nothing at all to make this work?
The website is for a client and he doesn’t seem happy about the fact that the video won’t play on mobile phones.
Please help.
Thanks for taking time out to read my post.

Did you ever get this resolved?

Background videos do not autoplay on mobile devices due to mobile device constraints.

However, @vincent found a custom code work around here: HTML5 Video autoplay now working on mobile?

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