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Very nice interaction on Twitter new pages. Doable in WF. [Animated Gif]

I’d show it on WF if my newborn was allowing me!

(It’s my twitter, you can follow me, but I got to tell you, lately I’m tweeting a lot of things like “Webflow is amazing” :slight_smile: )

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yup. VERY doable in WF. Also, thanks for spreading the good word of WF =D

I do a break, I don’t want to bum my followers :smiley: Today I wanted to tweet :“What’s my first new website to visit in the morning? Weblfow forums!” So it’s just for you.

PixelGeek, it’s hard to tell who is from Webflow or not, on this forum. A bit of ranking could be cool, to identify webflow ppl, professional helpers, ol’ timers etc.

you left out professional sauna participants :smile:

Where do I apply to be a part of THAT? |D

There you go :smile:

I’m an official forum MOD for WF. I do not work for them. Just an advocate for this great tool and company. I help out on the forums where I can and make sure things are kept in order =)

Admins and mods have a light blue font with a lighter blue background color behind their usernames on these forums.

I’ll ask the WF team if they can put a badge on their profiles stating they are official WF people.

Thank you for clarification + involvement.

I’m already very pleased by the product, I’m slowly taking part of the community with the same enthusiasm.

How things have changed! :smiley:


Lol, I’m still slowly getting involved into the community ;-D

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