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Hello, community! My name is Mariah and I have recently joined Webflow’s team as a content producer (read: the woman behind the occasional puns on the blog + social.)

I am currently building a site in Webflow for my mom and can’t wait to share it with you all.

I come to this community to find inspiration, sites to spotlight on our social channels, and continue to find friends who appreciate a good pun as much as I do.


Hi @mariahkellyyy

Welcome to Webflow, sounds like there are pun times ahead :wink:


Hi there everyone! Decided to post a little something to introduce myself as well even though I’m not so new anymore :wink:

My name is Anaïs - I am a French living in Berlin, Germany and I joined the Webflow team as a community manager 2 months ago! I have a background in Educational Technology and have worked at places like Udacity. I also did 10 months in London a few years back, where I worked as the Communications and Education lead for Slow Food UK. I am super passionate about food, music (I collect vinyls!), history, cinema and many other fun things.

The site I’m about to start building is actually a site that explains how the Community works at Webflow… and it will probably take me a while, as I’m very new to the Designer :sweat_smile: But excited to see how it turns out!

I would LOVE to get to know all of you guys better - and since we’ve never done those intros before, why don’t experienced Webflow users also introduce themselves and their projects? I’d love to hear/see more about what you are all up to!


Well, you know where to go if you need any help.


Hi! I’m Micah Ryan Johnson https://webflow.com/mistercreate

I’ve found this community to be amazingly inspiring and helpful! I’m so glad to be a part, and I’m excited to help as best I can. :smile:

A little about me:

  • Played basketball for a small D3 school in California for 2 years
  • Transferred to Texas A&M to graduate with a degree in Animal Science
  • Became a vet tech at an equine hospital for a year
  • Was a co-owner of a Texas based photography company for 3 years
  • Coached varsity basketball at my alma mater during my time as a co-owner
  • Began taking my web design career more seriously in 2012
  • Then, I was introduced to Webflow in 2016

Doing all this while riding motorbikes, unicycles, classic cars, and horses :blush: lol


Hello, I’m John from Sweden. I run a small web agency in Japan from a city called Kashiwa, just 30 minutes outside of Tokyo. We’re still a relatively new company, but we’re getting more and more interests from businesses locally each month so we’ve been getting really serious about web design this year.

I would probably not be building websites by myself if it wasn’t for Webflow, so a huge thanks to the entire Webflow team and a special shout out to Nelson - I love watching the streams (haven’t been able to see one live yet, but looking forward to it) and I’ve learned so much from them - so thank you!


Hello there !

Olivier from France, I’m a French freelancer graphic designer living in Bordeaux. I’m currently testing Webflow and learning html/css to improve my skills. I usually make designs for my clients and then put them into the hands of my colleagues web developpers but I’d like to do more than that and reach an in between point. I think Webflow is the perfect tool to achieve that !

My first attempt is my own website that I rebuilt totally with Webflow and exported to my hosting service. https://www.oliviermorisse.com That was a great experience and I have learned a lot.

Looking forward to using Webflow more every day !


yo new webflow peeps! im def newish… few solid months… new to webdesign all around… very broad spectrum of creative ability tho! really enjoying the application of that spectrum to this world! i def enjoy the mental chess game it creates as frustrated as i can get! on a simple level the css box model reminds me of my current occupation…tile setting lol. im hoping what i learn here helps me to open doors to new opportunities… by having the ability to define the “portal” people look through to view my world!

wishh all the best… keep grindn!

webflow kills it!

thank you



welcome! :smiley: thank you so much for watching th streams. Hope you’re learning a lot from them.

Would love to see what you and your team is building with Webflow :webflow_heart:


Hi @oliviermorisse! :wave: welcome to the community. :smiley:

Glad you found Webflow. I’ve said time and time again that Graphic designers make the best Web Designers since Graphic designers know more about layout, typography, lighting, imagery, color theory and not code.


Hi @ROOSTER welcome to the community :wave: :smiley:

It’s always fascinating when someone comes to web design from a completely different industry. It shows that you’re willing to try new things and break out of your own bubble. So, good on you!

I remember, before I was employed by Webflow, that I had a wingsuit skydiver hire me to teach him Webflow.



art de vivre!

your a great teacher thank you for shining the light!


hope he paid you by teaching you to fly! :flushed:


Hi Nelson, thanks !
Weird about the page loading time, seems fine to me.
And about not using Webflow hosting service, I already have one :wink:

Looking forward to your next youtube live !


Hey guys, I am Alex!
I am looking forward to gaining new knowledge with you guys. See you around!


Hey there! My name is Robert. I LOVE Webflow. A few weeks ago I started my own business here in The Netherlands, and I’m hoping to find some businesses that are interested in working with me. Cya!


Hello all awesome Webflowers!

Its Roshan Ingle. There’s a lot of things that interests me if we go in details.

Just to name, I like blogging a lot and been doing this from past 4 years.
I love cosmos and I write on this over my blog. I like being with people of similar interests.


welcome to the community and good luck to your business. Hope it flourishes real soon. :smiley: