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Can I claim the coolest WF site title yet? :D

So I redo my website every year, it’s like my playground and this year I decided to make it with webflow, just because. And the experience was fun, it had its ups and downs, and a lot of clicking.

I am a fan of minimal and modern design, and here’s what I made:

It took me about 4 days, 5 if you count watching the support videos. (I must say the demo videos were well made). I’ll be reviewing webflow as a tool sometime next month as well.

Some cool stuff I am proud of:

  • The intro effect. [I need feedback on this! It’s set to initiate at 5 seconds, I wish we could detect if the page was loaded or not inside webflow.]
  • The text slider. [Interestingly they added support for sliders a few days ago so it was a treat.]
  • The footer logo. [This ones pure fun, go hover on it :wink:]

It still isn’t done though, I’ll be exporting it and making the TMI section functional so it auto updates activity through 3rd party sites and my blog.

Let me know what you all think :slight_smile: I might be submitting this to Awwwards, see if I can atleast bag a mention.

Oh and here’s a screenshot. No, it’s not that minimal. Go look!

Edit: Updated thread title from ‘Minimal | Personal Site Redesign’.

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Wow, that site is so cool I’m really impressed, you have be proud of it :wink:

I am! But I can’t stop tweaking it to be perfect. Like I updated the font formatting and managed to lock down scroll until the intro was over.

I like the site, there are a couple things I would tweak. First is the stark white/black. It tends to cause aliasing on a lot of screens. I would switch to a dark gray/very light gray combination to get rid of that start contrast. Also, the fade in on the beginning jumps at the end. This could be due to font rendering in safari though. Good work though!

Thanks, as for the font jumping, I am aware :confused: I’ll have to work on it’s fix after I export the site. It’s kinda a known ‘bug’ in webkit/blink browsers. They tend to treat elements with transforms as textures instead of vectors. Here’s an article more on that.